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My Bikes and your bikes!

Welcome to Bikepics!

This mini site features my New Kawasaki ZX6-R and maybe pictures of other bikes I have owned!

My Bikes

I have just recently upgraded from an Aprilia RS125 to a Kawasaki ZX6-R! The Aprilia was a 2001 model, grey and yellow but to save a few quid I have traded it in for a 1998 G2 Model Ninja!

Not ridden it yet because of the weather but soon...soon!

The Bike is Alpha-Dot'ed, Meta alarmed and Imobilised and has a Scorpion can about to be fitted!

I think it has a double bubble screen as I have a receipt for it from the previous owner but I am not so sure, it does seem higher than normal but doesn't seem to have a bubble!

Die hards say Green is for Go on the Ninja but I like the grey and chose it over a Red model that was the same money and a cheaper Green model, hey it would be boring if we all liked the same colours!

You can email me on jk@leagueofgentlemen.co.uk if you have any questions!

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